Your Guide to the Best Parks near La Conner, WA

Spending a day outdoors is excellent for your health and can make your vacation that much more fulfilling. La Conner is in the dead center of many popular outdoor parks, making us a great place to retreat to and plan your trips from!

We hope to make your planning easier, which is why we have chosen a few of our guests' favorite parks to highlight here. We'll go over the attractions, activities, and other planning info each one offers on this one convenient page.

Bay view State Park

Address: 10901 Bayview Edison Rd, Mount Vernon, WA
Hours: 8AM - 9PM

Distance from La Conner Country Inn: 8 miles
10 minute drive

This exciting outdoor park is the perfect place for any outdoor fanatic. Bay View is a small park several miles north of La Conner that offers extensive access to Padilla Bay. Go boating or kayaking, or enjoy lounging on the beach.

The water here is saltwater, which makes it great for fishing for creatures you might not see in a mainland freshwater lake. Get your fishing license ready for action, and come to Bay View! You won't regret it.

Deception pass
state park

Address: 41229 State Rte 20, Oak Harbor, WA

Distance from La Conner Country Inn:
13.7 miles
20 minute drive

Renowned as a must-visit park in the Washington islands, Deception Pass encourages exploration in the water and on solid ground. There's over 70,000 of saltwater shoreline to fish, kayak, and boat on, with around 30,000 of fresh water to enjoy.

Turning toward the forest, you can go bird watching, mountain biking, beachcombing, and wildlife viewing. There's really something for everyone in this popular park.

Kukutali Preserve

Address: Kiket Island Rd, La Conner, WA

Distance from La Conner Country Inn: 6.1 miles
17 minute drive

Perhaps the most relaxing place near La Conner, this Indian tribal preserve is meant to keep sensitive animals safe. When you come to Kukutali, prepare to relax on the beach and watch the birds and other wildlife. Please respect the animals here.

You can also have the chance to learn about the tribe's history and how they used the saltwater to gather shellfish. It's a fascinating story and an enthralling stop.

Hope Island Marine State Park

Distance from La Conner Country Inn: 5 miles
1 hour, 10 minute travel

Because Hope Island is...well...an island, you can only get there by boat. As such, even though you can drive to the shoreline in a matter of 10 minutes, the rest of your trip to the island will have to be made by boat! This can be done either by man-powered boats like canoes or kayaks, or by motorboat.

Once you arrive on the island, you're able to go on hikes, enjoy the beach, or continue paddling around as you had on the way. This secluded paradise sticks out as one of the more unique parks near La Conner.

Pioneer Park

Address: 1200 S 4th St, La Conner, WA
Distance from La Conner Country Inn: 0.5 miles
3 minute drive

While many of the parks will take you out of town, Pioneer Park is perfect for hosting events like weddings, family reunions, or business meetings! You can rent pavilions, and there's a stage for important events or plays held throughout the year.

Sometimes the best way to enjoy your vacation is by spending time with those you love.

We hope that you have found our park guide helpful! If you want to stay somewhere with a small town feel that offers you easy access to many of these parks, come to La Conner Country Inn! We look forward to your stay!